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Dear Customers and Clients, 

At Audio3 Ltd. our mission is to improve sound enjoyment in our lives. We do this by first seeking to understand how we hear and then by producing the highest quality and most accurate sound reproduction, hearing health and acoustic measurement instruments.

We specialize in combining acoustics, electrical engineering and psycho-acoustics with academic-style research method - we respect data as primary and emphasize creativity. We transform data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into products. Our unique knowledge and approach enables us to unwind challenging engineering and research problems that others can't.

To give a flavor, when we begin a project, we challenge ourselves to think about the problem in an original, admittedly sometimes unconventional way. The process begins with nearly ignoring what has been done before and focusing intensely on the end-user. This tends to generate lots of novel ideas, some of which we can act on.

In acting on these ideas we also take a different approach - an exacting one. For example, we had a glass lens for the soundBadge that was 0.8mm thick. At the time we were trying to design the thinnest, lightest noise monitor on the market and we wanted to do better. So we discarded these lenses and ordered 0.7mm glass lenses with the same breakage profile. This allowed the soundBadge to be 0.1mm thinner, which may not sound like much but we believe it is this kind of attention to detail that creates world class products. We believe the extra effort put into finely controlling the design elements elevates our products beyond expectations.

I hope you will agree that Audio3 Ltd. products are special, perhaps even unusual, and always nicely adapted to their function. I hope they go beyond your expectations as we intend them to - this is our measure of success.



About Audio3 Ltd: 

Audio3 Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Bradford C. Backus, a research scientist at the UCL Ear Institute and lecturer at the London Southbank University. Bradford has worked with top companies in the sector including Phonak, Neurelec, Bose and ARCAM to develop premium hearing health products and consumer audio products. With a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology and a degree in Electrical Engineering from Dartmouth College, he has a strong background in sound as well as deep networks in both UK and the US.

Audio3 Ltd. loves to work on challenging problems, try us! We have recently provided solutions in the following areas:

  • Consumer, medical and industrial audio product development
  • Environmental acoustic measurement and reporting
  • Occupational hearing assessment
  • Musicians’ hearing

We are also proud to announce that while we continue to serve our clients with high-technology solutions and advanced research, we are now offering our first own-branded product, soundBadgeTM.