eABR System Development

Testing Baby with Otodynamics OAE/eABR System

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In 2008 Audio3 Ltd. was hired by Otodynamics to help develop a novel eABR System to augment their world-leading otoacoustic emission measurement devices. Otodynamics is led by Prof. David Kemp who discovered OAEs in the 70's and remains one of the giants in generating and applying new hearing research to products. We were thrilled to work with Prof. Kemp and were happy to be able to contribute to this effort. Together we developed novel ways of recording, denoising, and analyzing eABR signals and put these ideas into what I think must be one of the highest quality eABR measurement ever released on the market.


Although Professor Kemp is understated, his devices and especially their analog front end and analysis systems are incredible. Audio3 Ltd. contributions included new digital and analog switching combined with fast mathematical algorithms to quickly determine the impedance of all electrodes. We then helped to develop the most advanced noise estimation system ever devised for this application.


One key element that helped was that we were able to gather and display signals very early on in the design process using National Instruments Hardware and LabView. This led to faster modeling and simulation of the signals, and ultimately a faster product release. If you were considering a combined OAE/eABR diagnostic system, the Otodynamics system is probably the most advanced at the moment - but you probably won't even notice all that is going on under the hood...