Portable wireless iPod/iPhone loudspeaker

Prototype soundCube 2008

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The highly acclaimed Arcam rCube began life as the Audio3 Ltd. soundCube. In 2007 Audio3 Ltd. was founded on one central idea--to produce the world's best portable wireless streaming iPod/iPhone loudspeaker. The original design was invented and developed by Audio3 Ltd. in collaboration with industrial designer Adrian Stokes of ASA Designers. The prototype's specification included: two carbon fiber midbass bass drivers, an air motion tweeter, 75W of Class D amplification (separate amps for each driver) and a 22.2v, 6350mAh lithium polymer battery. The clarity of the sound from this prototype dock has never been matched--and neither has its projected price, $999.

Like "concept cars" the soundCube was too expensive to produce and would not survive the marketplace. Today there is only 1 remaining prototype in existence.

Audio3 Ltd. had plans to garner investors and make a marketable product based on the design. The idea was pitched several times to investors but the major pitch came just a day after the fall of Lehman Brothers. The ensuing collapse of investor confidence meant no investment was forthcoming...

In order to germinate the soundCube, the idea was brought before a select goup of UK Hi-Fi manufacturers - companies that could be trusted to carry out the design in the intended spirit. The group would need good audio and business expertise to make it a commercial success, without compromising the prototype's sound quality. Arcam, an experienced and very talented group of audio technocrats, was the ideal fit. The design was sold to Arcam in 2009 and over the next months the soundCube gave birth to the rCube - a fine specimen of the original.