Touchscreen audiometer


Deafness Research UK (DRUK) now Action on Hearing Loss is a leading hearing charity in the UK. It provides support for hearing health education and outreach, funding for world class research, and information to the general public on hearing issues. It is an excellent organization with admirable goals.

In 2009 DRUK approached Audio3 Ltd. to develop a low-cost screening audiometer in order to promote hearing health. The charity wanted to provide a robust, reliable and accurate hearing screener that could be used by inividuals to test their own hearing. Audio3 Ltd developed a higly accessible design by incorporating touchpanel input, a fast but accurate screening algorithm, and onboard database storage.

To date, more than 10,000 individuals have been successfully screened using the device. The screeners have increased public awareness of hearing issues and have helped to identify those who are in need of support and advice.

The whole project has been a great success. The screening audiometer is still in daily use and Audio3 Ltd. is pleased at the continued serious and constant use of the device. We were delighted to be approached to deliver such an important tool. The touchscreen audiometer fit perfectly into the mission of Audio3 Ltd. -- to promote healthy listening.