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Audio3 works with clients large and small, from industry leaders requiring cutting edge technology solutions to small starups that need fast solutions on-budget. Our clients rely on us to develop creative sound and hearing solutions whether it be a research project or a consumer product.

“Audio3 came up with a truly pioneering product that delivered sound quality in spades. After listening to what they produced, we licensed the technology and have have had a great business relationship with Audio3. Bradford is straightforward and professional in all his dealings." – Charlie Brennan, Managing Director, Arcam

"The acoustics lab at London Southbank Univeristy uses many sound monitoring devices in its research activities, however, the Audio3 soundBadge stands out among these becasue it provides the accuracy of much more expensive meters in a very small package. We have independently tested the device against the market leading products and the accuracy and ease of use is better than anything in its class -- and equivalent to much more expensive units too. It is perfect for personal monitoring and anywhere you need a data record of sound. SoundBadge clearly offers a great solution for any employer enacting a hearing preservation scheme. We have and will continue to purchased soundBadges to aid in our university research programme."-- Steven Dance, head of Acoustics Lab, London Southbank University

“We appraoched Audio3 to address some tricky noise problems. Needless to say those problems were solved quickly and led to an ongoing business relationship. Audio3 is now part of our development process and Bradford consistently delivers innovative and market relevent deisgns. He has been highly professional and knowledgeable in advising us, coming up with thorough and strategic approaches and supporting us through the research and development process stage by stage. We have recenly appointed Bradford Head of Acoustics at Ferguson Hill.” – Tim Hill, Managing Director, Ferguson Hill.

"As music practitioners, we need a way to educate our students about the importance of preserving their hearing. At the same time we need a way to provide them with the tools they need to do it. Bradford at Audio3 Ltd. has been instrumental in helping us educate our students. Over the last few years we have measured over 300 musicians and now the soundBadge can accurately and easily measure the acoustics levels of their performances and practice. We are delighted and ready to adopt Audio 3's dosimeter services. Soundbadge is so beautiful and portable, it is the best dosimeter we have come across in the market." – Aaron Williamon, Royal College of Music

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