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Research and Consulting

Audio3 Ltd. consultancy services specialize in developing hearing and sound-related consumer, industrial and medical grade products as well as carrying out research projects. We offer a full range of options to suit your needs from pure research to complete design-and-build packages. 

At Audio3 we have expert experience with the industry standard tools including MATLAB, LabVIEW, SolidWorks and Altium. We are able to offer excellent research advice and can also support product development for consumer electronics, hearing health products, music and sound-engineering projects.

Flexible, powerful and beautiful solutions 

Today's technical projects require mastery and integration of design, mechanical, electrical and acoustical engineering. Audio3 Ltd. understands all these disciplines and how they interact. Combining industry standard tools with innovative ideas and incisive problem solving skills, we develop well thought out solutions from the start. If there is something we can’t do ourselves, we have fast access to the best design and engineering talent in the UK.

We think before we 'work'. We think of all aspects of a project early - very early. We think about the end-user before we take any design actions. We make each iteration more valueable by removing mistakes before they occur.

PRE-DESIGN PHASE: The design phase includes several consultation meetings with you to determine a specification. Together we titrate the costs considerations against design considerations. We work to give realistic estimates of final production costs though our network of UK-based and overseas manufacturers.

DESIGN PHASE: The design phase includes designing the PCB, casing, user interface, and software to give the user experience you seek at the price point you want.
PROTOYTPE PHASE: Prototyping is handled entirely in the UK.
  • photo-realistic renderings
  • space models
  • working prototypes
TESTING PHASE: Audio3 Ltd. are expert at audio test and measurement. We have new B&K Class 0 microphones that can measure with +/-0.2 dB accuracy. And if we don’t already have the measurement system you require, we create it. This includes links to universities with anechoic, reverberation, and hyperbaric chambers.

Please contact us to tell us about your project requirements.

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