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 Warbler Manual (1.10)

Manual version 1.10 (May 2021). Updated information for Warbler hardware version 4.00 with firmware versions 4.08 and above.

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 soundView Software (0.98)

Software that reads and analyzes data files stored by soundBadge (e.g. SB_001.DAT). 

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 Sample soundBadge data file (SB_001.DAT)

File created by soundBadge over a 9-hour period. Enables you to test drive soundView software without owning a soundBadge. 

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 Binaural lateralization cues application (1.00)

Software that uses headphones attached to your computer to demonstrate how: (1) ITD, (2) ILD,and (3) IPD affect our ability to tell from whence a sound is coming.

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 soundBadge Manual (2.05)

Manual version 2.04 (September 2014). Updated information for soundBadge hardware version 2.00 with firmware versions 0.94 and above.